Q. What do I have to learn to build a site through easywebsitebuilder.in ?

A. Actually, you will need to use your general knowledge. No coding or software skills are necessary to build a site through us.

Q. Can I use any of your existing templates as it is ?

A. Sure. You just have to add your logo, your content and if you feel, you could also change the images.

Q. What if I don't have images.

A. No problem, we have an enormous bank of absolutely stunning, high quality images in our media centre. Choose what you need and you are good to go.

Q. Do I have to pay anything other than the price mentioned.

A. No, nothing more for your website. However, the prices mentioned are excluding GST. GST will be added at the time of Checkout. You may need to buy a name for your website, if you don't already own one. where people can reach you. For example, if you have a name called 'Salon and Spa', you may prefer that people write salonspa.com on their browsers and reach you. This name is called a Domain Name and you have to buy a Domain Name for your website. However, for FREE users the service is completely free without any time limit.

Q. So, what use can I put your Free site to ?

A. Well, for starters, you can gain valuable experience in developing websites. You could have your CV or BIO or you could place your personal achievements in sports, music or any special subject that you wish to talk about. And lastly, if you are a business user, you could use the free platform for a thorough trial before actually going live.

Q. Where can I buy a domain name ?

A. You can buy your domain directly through us or you can buy your domain from any Domain Name Sellers. In case you buy the domain from us we integrate your domain with your website. However, if you choose to buy a domain elsewhere, please contact our support team with your domain details and we will do the integration free of charge

Q. Does it make a difference if I buy the Domain from outside ?

A. No absolutely not. It does not make a difference.

Q. How long does it take to learn the skills ?

A. As said earlier, building a website with easywebsitebuilder.in does not require much of skills. However, if you want to learn the various elements please use our 'How To' (Knowledgebase) section or log on and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a series of videos to guide you.

Q. Can I use the website to sell my products ?

A. Yes, absolutely. If you want to give your website a modern e-commerce look, please choose a template from our 'Store' section and insert your own products. We have a built-in Shopping Cart pre-integrated to each of our Store Templates. You will then need to integrate your website with any Payment Gateway of your choice. For example this website uses PayPal and PayU Money payment gateways.

Q. Is there a tutorial for building a site ?

A. Yes, we have a step by step tutorial in our 'How To' (Knowledgebase) section, plus you may subscribe to our YouTube channel for a series of videos.

Q. Is Hosting included with all your Plans ?

A. Yes all our plans are inclusive of 1 year Hosting, which alone costs anywhere between INR 2800/- to INR 4000/- per year at the lower end, with any other website developer. But with us, it is all included in the price.

Q. Can I upgrade my plan ?

A. Yes, there is a provision for upgrade. Please write to us with your upgrade requirement and we shall arrange the upgrade for you ?

Q. What is a Page ?

A. Your website may contain a lot of information about your business, broken up into sections or categories, so that people searching for a particular subject do not look everywhere to find it. Its like a newspaper with national news, regional news, international news, sports and business sections. Similar is the case with websites. Let's presume, for this discussion, that you are hosting a website for your clothing retail business. So you could have a Home page (where you could have details about your line of products, your location etc.); then you could have one more Page called Men's Clothing, one for Women's Clothing, one for Children, then you could have a section for your set up, your team , about the owners' etc. So each of these sections would become a Page in your website. Then again. in the Men's Page you could have sub pages like Trousers, Jackets, Formal Shirts, Casual Wear, etc. Do you get the picture ?

Q. Can I host my site somewhere else ?

A. No you can't. Easy Website Builder is a comprehensive design and hosting solution. Hence, you cannot transfer the website via FTP backend. Nor do we provide access to, or uploading of, any server side language files.

Q. How long will my files remain in my account ?

A. Till such time as you delete them. Even if they have not been published.

Q. How can I show my website as a Free user, since I cannot add a domain name ?

A. We assign a sub domain name, which you can use after you publish your free site. It comes in as your free site url (the name by which your site is recognised in the internet) on the 'site published' screen and will always be : https://www.easywebsitebuilder.in/free/your nickname/your site name

Q. How to configure my Domain which I already own ?

A. To configure your Domain follow instructions here :

Q. Even after connecting my domain it is still not showing my website.

A. If you followed the instructions on 'Connecting your Domain' but it's still not showing up, there are a few reasons for why it might happen: 1) Not enough time has passed since you changed your DNS settings. It can take up to 6 hours for DNS settings to be changed at certain domain registrars. 2) Your DNS settings are not configured properly. There might be old A or CNAME records you need to delete, or you might have entered the wrong details. Double check that. 3) You entered the wrong domain when you first upgraded your website. If that's the case, go back to the editor and hit 'Publish'. You'll then see the domain we linked this website to and an option to 'Change' it right below. Click it to change to the right domain.

Q. How can I create a sub menu or dropdown menu ?

A. All our sites are fully mobile responsive and hence we do not encourage prolific use of submenus. Submenus make navigation difficult on mobile devices. However, if you must use Submenus or Dropdown menus we have a simple method of creating them in our Manage Menu section, where you need to indent align your dropdown menu with respect to your main page.

Q. Can I Password protect my Website or selected pages of my website ?

A. Yes it is possible to restrict select pages within your site with a Password. To password protect a Page please use the 'Site Setting' feature under the 'Settings' tab available next to the page name on the left hand top. Once in the 'Settings' tab please click on the Access section to use your password protection.

Q. Can I have my website in Hindi ?

A. Yes you can. For this, we provide you a language change in the editor. So you will know which button to use for what. To write your text in Hindi on the website you will need a Hindi enabled computer with a Hindi/ Devanāgarī script keyboard and compatible unicode language (you would need to save the text as UTF-8 ) for everyone to see what you publish. For changing the language on your editor, please visit our 'How to' section.